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An explanation of terms you may encounter on this website.


  • ADF
    Automatic Direction Finder, the radio in the aircraft to receive signals from an NDB
  • ATC
    Air Traffic Control
  • ATP
    Airline Transport Pilot
  • CAC
    Cape Aero Club
  • CAR
    Civil Aviation Regulations
  • CATS
    Civil Aviation Technical Standards
  • CFI
    Chief Flying Instructor
  • CPL
    Commercial Pilot's License
  • DME
    Distance Measuring Equipment
  • GHFC
    Good Hope Flying Club
  • GPS
    Global Positioning System
  • HSI
    Horizonal Situation Indicator
  • ILS
    Instrument Landing System
  • NDB
    Non Directional Beacon
  • PIC
    Pilot in Command
  • PPL
    Private Pilot's License
  • RMI
    Radio Magnetic Indicator
  • SPL
    Student Pilot's License
  • VHF
    Very High Frequency
  • VOR
    VHF Omnidirectional Range


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