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Foreign Private Pilot License

Cape Town Flying Club

If you have a foreign license and wish to fly in South Africa, your foreign license must be valid in the country of issue. A PPL validation granted by the South African SACAA will be valid for a period of 60 months as long as the foreign license & medical is valid and subject to South African recency requirements.


1) Aviation Law Examination

This SACAA approved exam can be taken at Cape Town Flying Club with prior arrangement. The relevant regulations can be studied from a study guide sold by the club. The passmark is 75%.


2) Theory Lessons

The pilot must receive the following theoretical lessons as stipulated by the South African Airlaw:

  • Differences in airspace and radio terminology within South Africa
  • Performance and Flight Planning with the focus on High Density Altitude operations, METARS, TAFS, NOTAMS use of the SA AIP etc.


3) Flight Test

The Pilot must pass an Initial SACAA PPL flight test, which includes a navigation flight of at least 200NM.


4) Hiring of aircraft from Cape Town Flying Club

The Club has a Piper PA-28 Warrior and a Cessna 172RG Cutlass with retractable gear and variable pitch propeller for self-fly hire.

A plane can be hired for any period of time, but if the plane is taken away for an extended period, then there is a minimum charge of 2 hrs per week day and 4 hrs per weekend day.
(See also the Club Rules page)

To hire an aircraft the foreign pilot must have a validated license (see above), be completely proficient in South African radio procedures and satisfy the Club as to his proficiency in flying, particularly with respect to short field performance, high density altitude flying, flying in high winds and crosswinds, and map reading in sparsely populated areas.

Pilots not wishing to go through the trouble of validating their license may fly with an instructor and pay normal instruction rates as well as any food or accommodation for the instructor on the trip if necessary.


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